Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is used to obtain the required books that are not in the library. The reason for the opening of interlibrary loan and receiving of printed and other materials are filled with standard order form for interlibrary loan signed by the director of the library and signed. Order form is the basic legal document under which the library is responsible for obtaining documents. In each edition, sought, issued a separate form.

To open an MBA recipient must submit a letter of guarantee from a responsible person with a fixed place of work or study stamped.

Terms ILL

  1. For documents knigohraneniya libraries - fondoutrymuvachiv subscriber personally fills out the order form the sample.
  2. With knigohraneniya documents issued to subscribers on the profile of their activities.
  3. Subscribers are issued documents that are in the collections of libraries fondoutrymuvachiv not less than 2 copies.
  4. Valuable and rare books, newspapers, maps, dictionaries, directories subscribers are not issued.
  5. Documents with specialized ancillary funds are issued only in exceptional cases, with the permission of the library director.
  6. Order form must be completed for each title, set annual or special number.
  7. Subscriber once can get up to 5 publications for the period set library.
  8. Term use may be extended if the document is not received orders from other readers.

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